_Standard Horizon GX2400E VHF Fixed Marine Transceiver with AIS Receiver and GPS

_Standard Horizon GX2400E VHF Fixed Marine Transceiver with AIS Receiver and GPS.The GX2400 Matrix AIS/GPS/NMEA2000 displays AIS target information (MMSI, Call Sign, Ship Name, BRG, DST, SOG and COG) on the large front panel display. Having this information allows you to contact an AIS Ship directly using DSC, shows your vessels position in relation to AIS targets and alerts you when an AIS ship may be approaching too close to your location via the Closest Point of Approach (CPA) Alarm.

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_Standard Horizon GX2400E

Standard Horizon GX2400GPS/E is a DSC/ATIS VHF radio with built-in AIS receiver. The AIS information is shown on the large display.
With the SCU-30 Wireless Access Point connected to the back of the radio, you have the ability to connect up to 4x the RAM4X (SSM-72H) wireless handsets. It is also possible to connect 1x the RAM4 (SSM-70H) wired handset.

* 12V
* Integrated AIS receiver
* Built-in 66-channel GPS receiver
* DSC class D
* NMEA2000 and NMEA0183
* Expandable with a second wired RAM4 (SSM-70H) handset or up to 4 wireless RAM4X (SSM-72H) handsets
* To connect a wireless handset, the SCU-30 Wireless Access Point is required
* AIS / AIS SART target display
* Intercom function between the radio and an optional second station
* IPX8
* Installation kit MMB-84
* Dimensions: 180 x 80 x 152.6mm (WxHxD)
* Installation dimensions: 159 x 63 x 121.8 mm (WxHxD)
* Build size (including bracket): 197.4 x 118.5 x 152.6 mm (WxHxD)