_True Heading AIS-VHF Antenna splitter

Exceptional active antenna switching performance.

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_AIS-VHF Antenna Splitter

The AIS-VHF splitter makes it possible to share the VHF antenna of AIS systems with the existing VHF antenna. A good solution for sailing yachts or RIBs, where placing of extra whip antennas which must not influence each other, is a problem.

The new True Heading AIS-VHF splitter is improved compared to the old version because there is no more signal loss, due to the applied patent pending, innovative active switching technology as well as lower power consumption.

Due to it’s size and the use of standard connectors, the AIS-VHF splitter is very easy to install.

Should the power supply fail, the splitter will automatically choose the VHF antenna for safety reasons.

The splitter can also be used for receiving FM/DAB radio, which makes this product more versatile.

The product is fully tested and certified to the relevant international standards and product specifications. This makes the AIS-VHF splitter a reliable accessory.

The splitter is compact, waterproof and applicable for all brands of AIS transponders* and receivers

*due to CCR regulations, the use for AIS-inland systems is not allowed).



140 x 100 x 42 mm (L x W x H)


250g (AIS receiver unit only)


DC (9.6 - 31.2V)

Average power consumption <2W average

Current consumption <150mA at 12VDC

VHF and AIS frequency range

156MHz to 163 MHz

Insertion loss

AIS & VHF receive paths, 0dB

AIS & VHF transmit paths, <1dB

Switching time

Receive to AIS transmit, <10 µs

Receive to VHF transmit, <10 µs

Max input power, AIS port


Max input power, VHF port


Minimum input power, VHF port


AIS, VHF and Antenna port impedance

50 Ohms

FM port impedance

75 Ohms


VHF antenna in/output SO239 connector

VHF radio out/input SO239 connector

AIS out/input BNC connector

Supplied with

2m power & FM cable

1m VHF radio interface cable

1m AIS interface cable

Quick Start guide & link to digital manual

Fixing Screws

User interfaces

LED indicator for power, VHF TX and AIS TX

Standards Compliance

IEC60945 Ed.4


Operating temperature: -10ºC to +55ºC

Ingress Protection rating