_True Heading RX PRO

The AIS RX PRO, AIS receiver is designed to meet all the existing requirements for AIS Base Stations but with receive capacity only.

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_True Heading RX PRO 19″ rack mount 12Vdc

The AIS RX PRO will help fulfill needed requirements for a port to meet ISPS requirements. The AIS RX PRO is the best friend when designing a coastal AIS coverage in terms of accomplishing high coverage and surveillance at an affordable price since it can be used as a tool in the planning of an AIS system to measure and verify your coverage. By implementing AIS RX PRO in existing AIS infrastructure, extended coverage and improved capacity can be accomplished at low cost. For blue light forces and navies it is the best way to have the most secure means to see all the AIS traffic transmitted within the available coverage, even addressed messages between other ships (everything on the VHF Data Link, VDL, will be available). The AIS RX PRO is also available as a 19” rack mount.– Demodulated HDLC mode
– Raw mode HDLC
– Timestamp information
– RSSI level (dBm) measurement
– Slot number (referenced to UTC) information
– Jitter measurement
– Signal to noise ratio information


  • Professional 2 channel AIS receiver
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Signal strength measurements
  • Slot timing measurements
  • Powered from external 12VDC or USB
  • RS 232 interface