New True Heading AIS products for the leisure market

True Heading, the Swedish brand that pioneered AIS, will be launching new versions of its AIS products for the leisure market this fall.
The Swedish company was acquired in 2020 by a third party that has stopped its maritime activities. These were continued by the Dutch subsidiary, True Heading Nederland BV, which after the acquisition in Sweden is a 100% subsidiary of Shiptron Holding, renown as a maritime communication specialist for shipping and offshore.
True Heading’s maritime activities are now taken care of Shiptron Trading BV.

shiptron trading op hiswa te water 2022

Vision Pro, AIS Class A Inland

The Vision AIS product line has already started before Covid19 with the AIS Class A Inland, Vision Pro, the successor of the very popular Carbon Pro. The Vision Pro has all the necessary type approvals to be used in commercial shipping and on larger vessels.

True Heading AIS Vision Pro Klasse A transponder

Vision RX, AIS Class B receiver

The Vision RX will be introduced in November and will be a complete, modern 2-channel AIS receiver that is developed for small ships that initially only want to receive AIS and of course especially for AIS shore stations, such as bridges, locks, and maritime companies that want to use AIS to follow shipping traffic in the vicinity

With this receiver, AIS tracking systems such as Marine Traffic can also be provided with data.
For professional applications, a customer-specific version is possible with connection to the Internet, local networks, via Ethernet or mobile data connection. If desired, this can be done in a 19” housing or a polycarbonate outer casing.

True Heading Vision RX AIS-ontvanger

AIS-VHF splitter

The AIS-VHF splitter will follow mid November, which makes it possible to share the VHF antenna of AIS systems with the existing VHF antenna. A good solution for sailing yachts or RIBs, where placing of extra whip antennas which must not influence each other is a problem.

The new True Heading AIS-VHF splitter is improved compared to the old version because there is no more signal loss, due to the applied innovative active switching technology as well as lower power consumption. Should the power supply fail, the splitter will automatically choose the VHF antenna for safety reasons. The splitter is compact, waterproof and applicable for all brands of AIS transponders and receivers (due to regulations, the use for AIS inland systems is not allowed).

True Heading AIS VHF splitter

CTRX Vision+

The successor to the successful CTRX Graphene class B series will be available coming spring.

The new CTRX Vision+ is a modern 5 Watt AIS class B transponder, which uses the SOTDMA protocol, where the transponder, just like AIS class A equipment, participates in the time slot reservation plan.

Former types of AIS, such as the Graphene, are CSTDMA transponders. These first listen to determine if there is a free time slot that can be used. This works fine at sea, but not in port areas and busy waters such as the English Channel and waterways around Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In these areas, certainty about visibility is essential. An older type of transponder that just skips broadcasts because there is no free time slot, does not offer this certainty. The True Heading CTRX Vision+ does.

The CTRX Vision+ has a built-in antenna splitter, which shares the antenna with the VHF antenna without signal loss, an option that is very useful for the leisure market where finding a good location for an extra antenna causes problems.

Of course, the transponder can be connected to the plotter or tablet with the electronic chart in many ways: NMEA 0183, NMEA2000, Wifi and USB.

True Heading AIS CTRX-Vision+ transponder

‘We know AIS better’

Shiptron Trading is proud to continue the name True Heading with this new line of products under the motto ‘We know AIS better’.

AIS – service

Of course you can always contact us with questions about your AIS system. If something goes wrong, we provide service and support.


If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about our company, products, capabilities or services, do not hesitate to contact us.